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  •   Disciplines


    College of Fine Arts
    Chinese Painting
    Mass Media College
    Elementary Teaching
    Oil Painting
    Editing and Directing in TV and Radio
    Digital Media
    Art and Communication
    History of Fine Arts
    Modeling basis
    Popular Music College
    Composition of Popular Music
    Music College
    Singing and Presenting of Popular Music
    Composition and Conducting
    Playing of Popular Music Instruments
    Music Education
    Instruments Making
    Keyboard Instruments
    Communication of Music
    Vocality and Opera Singing
    Social Music
    Orchestral Music
    Movie and TV
    Performing Art
    Folk Music
    Broadcasting and Anchoring
    Long-Distance Education
    Screenplay in Movie and Drama
    Design College
    Graphic Design
    Movie and Television Producing and Planning
    Environmental Design
    Industrial Design
    TV and Movie Research Institute
    Animation Design
    Public Art Design
    Dance Performance
    Modern Craftwork
    Design Studies
    Stage Setting
    Dyeing and Textile of Clothes
    Dance Education
    Summit College
    Western Opera Singing
    Dance Research
    Chinese Opera Singing
    Kun Wu Dancing
    Art Management
    Piano Accompany
    Foreign Language Teaching
    Music Education
     Chinese Literature Teaching
    Directing and Anchoring
    Spiritual Cultivation and Teaching
    Study of Cultural Relics
    Physical Education
    Stage Setting
    Art Management
    Interior Design
    Higher Adult Education and Vocational Training
    Art and Design
    Exhibition Design
    Fine Arts
    Architecture Design
    Music Performance
    Landscape Design
    Practical Training
    Graphic Design
    Attached Secondary   School
    Fine Arts
    Directions of Undergraduate Education:
    Code      Directions
    050401    Musicology
    050402    Composition and Related Theories
    050403    Music Performance
    050404    Painting
    050405    Sculpture
    050406    Fine Arts Theories
    050407    Design Theories
    050408    Art and Design
    050409    Dancing
    050410    Choreography
    050412    Performing
    050413    Directing
    050414    Screenplay in Movie and Drama    
    050415        Design in Movie and TV
    050416        Photography
    050417        Recording
    050418        Animation
    050419        Broadcasting and Anchoring
    050420        Radio and TV Editing
    040106w     Art Education
    080303        Industrial Design
    081406        Fashion Design and Technology
    080623w   Digital Media
    110302        Management of Public Affairs
    050303        Advertising
    Directions of Post-graduate Education:
    Code       Directions
    050401     Art Studies         Study of Basic Art Theories
                                 Study of Art Aesthetics
                                 Study of Art History
                                 Study of Art Criticism
                                 Study of Art Education
                                 Study of Cultural Industry
                                 Study of Art Management
    050402      Music Studies      Study of Music Aesthetics
                                 Study of Chinese Music History
                                 Study of Western Music History
                                 Study of Traditional Chinese Music
                                 Study of Contemporary Music
                                 Study of Music Education Theories 
                                 Study of the Communication of Music
                                 Study of Popular Music
                                 Analysis of Music Works
                                 Computer-aided Composition
                                 Vocal Performing
                                 Chinese Stringed-instrument Performing
                                 Western Stringed-instrument Performing
                                 Piano Performing
    050403     Fine Arts Studies    History of Chinese Fine Arts
                                 History of Western Fine Arts
                                 Aesthetics of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting
                                 Archeology of Artistic Relics
                                 Chinese Calligraphy and Seal-Carving
                                 Chinese Painting (Mountains and Rivers)
                                 Chinese Painting (Human Figures)
                                 Chinese Painting (Flowers and Birds)
                                 Oil Painting
                                 Lacquer Painting
    050403      Design Studies   Study of Design History
                                 Study of Critical History of Design
                                 Study of Design Education
                                 Study of Design of Traditional Utensils
                                 Study of Modern Craftworks
                                 Study of Creativity in Design
                                 Study of the Management and Planning of Design
                                 Study of Patterns and Traditional Chinese Patterns
                                 Study of Basic Theories of Design
                                 Study of Graphic Design
                                 Study of Illustrations
                                 Study of Industrial Design
                                 Study of Exhibition Design
                                 Study of Landscape Design
                                 Study of Public Art Design
                                 Study of Interior Design
                                 Study of Decoration Design
                                 Study of Fashion Design
                                 Study of Fiber and Textile in Design
                                 Study of Pottery Design
                                 Study of Jewelry Design
                                 Study of lacquer Design
    050406      Movie Studies     Study of Critical History of Movie
                                 Study of Movie Genres
                                 Study of Performing Art in Movie
    050407    Radio and TV Studies Study of Communication of Art
                                  Study of New media
                                  Study of Digital Media
                                  Study of Animation Art
                                  Study of Recording Art
                                  Study of Digital Audio Application
                                  Study of Photography
    Directions of Ph. D. Education
    I Art Studies
    Study of Traditional Chinese Art
    Study of Aesthetics of Traditional Chinese Art
    Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign Art
    II Music Studies
    Study of Contemporary Music
    Study of Music Criticism
    Study of Creation of Operas and Musicals
    Study of Modern and Contemporary Composition
    Study of History of Ancient Chinese Music
    Study of the Protection of Non-material Cultural Heritage
    Study of Aesthetics of Traditional Chinese Music
    Study of History of the Aesthetics of Traditional Chinese Music
    Study of Theories of Ethnic Music
    Study of Theories of Traditional Chinese Music
    Study of Music of Ethnic Minority Groups
    Study of Music Performance
    III Fines Arts Studies
    Study of History of Chinese Fine Arts
    Study of History of Chinese Painting
    Study of the Development of Chinese Modern and Contemporary Arts
    Study of History of Foreign Fine Arts
    Study of History of Western Fine Arts
    Study of Chinese Art Theories
    Study of the Aesthetics of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting
    Study of History of Chinese Calligraphy and Seal-Carving and Related Theories
    Study of Art of Chinese Printing Techniques
    Study of History of Chinese Calligraphy and Seal-Carving
    Study of Chinese Calligraphy and Seal-Carving Creation
    IV. Design Studies
    Study of Design
    Study of Design Education
    Study of Design of Traditional Chinese Utensils
    Study of the History and Theories of Traditional Design in China
    Study of Chinese Craftworks and Arts
    Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Traditional Design
    V. Movie Studies
    Study of Histories of Chinese and Foreign Movies
    Study of Movie Theories
    VI. Digital Media Studies
    Study of Art and Its Communication   
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